We started rolling in late 2010 and since then, guess what we've been doing?

Rolling out masterpiece websites.

The work that we do is a concoction of great quality combined with affordability. When we started EvoMorf we had only one thing in mind, create beautiful bug free websites that can perform and can meet Aussie standards. We kept doing it over and over again and now we can create them quickly and efficiently. Result is that it brings your cost down and you get better quality in affordable price.

evomorf team
Aman Mandaer, Founder, Managing director at Evomorf

Aman Mandaer

Founder, Managing Director

He obtained his Masters in IT from University of Southern Queensland and then spent 5 years working for Konceive (Sydney) where he learned how to do real IT work whether it was web design, programming or print design under the guidance of Daniel Sullivan (Director at Konceive) who is now owner of Formbay.com.au. Later he spent couple of years doing freelance work.

He noticed that lot of Australian IT companies outsource their work to India, China and other countries to keep their costs down. So he decided to move from Australia to India to provide IT services that are affordable and match the Australian standards in terms of design trends, professionalism and client support. He loves talking to his clients and there is no problem to which he cannot provide a solution.

Aman Mandaer, Founder, Managing director at Evomorf
Gagandeep Singh, Senior Developer at EvoMorf

Gagandeep Singh

Senior Developer

He is Mr. Logical. His mind works in a way, the programming works. If this ... then it could be that or if not this ... then it must be that! He is capable to put some logic behind every situation. Well, that's how real life situations are handled by computer applications, by putting logic behind real life processes. He has already built many applications and web services that are out there in the market interacting with real people having real needs. The logical brain behind the applications and websites we build is always his brain.

Shalika, Senior Designer & Front end developer at EvoMorf


Senior Designer & Front end developer

She is the girl from the mountains and grew up in the lap of Himalayas. Mountains have always been providing peace and creativity to human minds and that's the way she is - peaceful & creative. Familiar with all aspects of web design she is capable of creating some cool stuff. Any website or application we make is not useful enough until she induces her creativity into it, either in the form of how it looks or how it flows. She knows that The Design as well as The Usability, both are equally important.

Shalika, Senior Designer & Front end developer at EvoMorf

Above are the people behind EvoMorf in all their glory.
Here the tagline is "Work Smart in addition to hard work". A team united with single vision - Provide value to the clients
and hence to themselves. We know that we are nothing without our work and we always keep that on top of our head.

Our work should speak more loudly than words.

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